What You Will Learn…

  • The chronological process of recording a song
  • How to organize a serious recording effort
  • Do I need a producer?
  • How much is this going to cost me - no, really?
  • Making a work tape
  • Picking material, tempo, and the correct key
  • Arrangement and charts-the numbers system
  • Using click tracks
  • What is the role of a producer?
  • Should I use session players or my own band?
  • Understanding microphones, mic preamps, compressors, EQ, and effects
  • How to recognize the uses and abuses of various effects
  • How to capture the best signal possible
  • Mixing in and out of "the box"
  • What is mastering?

What you will not learn:

How to wire your home studio
How to use midi equipment
How to get session players to show up on time
How to borrow money to fund your next CD